Why iFabulous?

Why iFabulous Salon Success?

The reason many graduates leave the beauty industry just one year after graduation is because they couldn’t make enough money. Students spend countless hours learning the art of hairdressing, and this is good. However, success is a 50/50 combination of knowing your basic skills plus the practical techniques provided by salons featured in iFabulous Salon Success.

Where does iFabulous content come from?

We asked salon professionals what new hires need to do on the first day in the salon and why new hires fail. iFabulous is a summary of interviews with salon professionals over a two-year period.

Who is iFabulous for?

iFabulous is for students and new salon professionals who want to fit in and bond with a salon the first critical year on the job. It is not everything a hairdresser will ever need to know, instead, the concepts are concentrated on skills for success that first year in the salon. If a new hire makes it past the first year, their chances of success are much greater.

What are Salon Essentials?

Salon essentials are the top ten skills salons want you to know before applying for an interview. iFabulous urges you to learn them now because a salon is not the place to master these skills. Learn and review these critical skills while still in school with supportive instructors available to you.

What is Personal Branding?

It’s the number one request from salons for new hires: professionalism and image. iFabulous teaches you think of yourself as a brand or product. The better your image, the higher your price.

What is Salon Social Media?

You learn to acquire clients by posting the three proven topics clients want to read about: entertaining, informational and educational.