Are You the Next Beauty School Dropout?

Dear Carlos:
(Video) I am thinking of quitting beauty school, signing up was not a good idea. This is not what I hoped it would be. I imagined this really beautiful career with all things pretty—come to find out, the beauty business dirty business you scrub heads, cut toe nails, you wash funky towels, wipe shampoo bowls, sweep wet, dirty hair.

There are some cool students here, I have made friends, and the teachers are nice but you never know what’s going to really go down each day—the classes seem disorganized and I feel like I am being treated like a child—do this five times, that’s not a straight line. You can’t hang out on the clinic floor unless you have a client. I hate working on my mannequin head, over and over again. What I will do about my student loan, I don’t know.

Megan R–San Diego, CA

Homage to Picasso

Homage to Picasso

Please don’t quit—I urge you to drag yourself to school daily until you get past this very first phase of your course. Cosmetology is a beautiful career, but you must learn the art of beauty by first repeating the basics over and over. You will find the same challenge in any career startup.

Picasso, a super famous Spanish painter said, “learn the rules like a Pro, so you can break them like an artist.” In other words, you must get the novelty out of it—when you approach a head of hair, a face or a set of nails, you no longer to think of the steps to the process, they just come automatically.

In forty years of teaching, I have come to understand the biggest roadblock to your success, and it’s not really your inability to learn or do it—it’s fear. Often students are afraid of looking silly, making a mistake, being left behind or not getting it. Repeating the basics over and over isn’t a lot of fun, but repetition is the only way to get them down. Avoiding doing it, just delays the pain.

At first you are going to put out really bad work—poor looking stuff. And the temptation will be to think, I just can’t do it. But you can, believe me if you stick with it you can be the best.

Everything in life worthwhile takes time and effort. Only a rare handful of of people invented something in the basement of their parent’s home and went on to become millionaires. Most forgot to tell you they worked for years trying and failing.

So, don’t quit— look around, probably everyone is having the same doubts. Go past this. The beauty industry is waiting for you, and there is lots of room at the top. You can do it.
Always remember, you are iFabulous.

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