Five Habits of Highly Effective Beauty Students

(Video) The premise for a beauty school is akin to a setup for a situational comedy: a group of strangers, mostly young and daring, come together to practice beauty tricks, with potentially permanent results on unsuspecting, budget conscious clients. Memories of beauty school days last forever as group antics soar to great heights–living proof that we all are influenced by group dynamics.

Take an audience that finds something funny, even though you may not, you laugh. This group dynamic influences your response to most everything, including beauty school–what to take seriously, what to pass on, how to really cut hair, how to study for State Board—in a nutshell, peer pressure dictates how you deal with beauty school. If you follow a poor performing pied piper, you could be sorely lacking success skills upon graduation.
Here are a few guidelines to live by and still have fun:

  1. 1. Don’t Miss School. Even though you may think Monday’s class is going to be a total drag, there is one advantage to showing up: hours. Drag yourself in because you want to graduate as fast as you can. I think the more school you miss, the harder it gets to finish school. Just do it.
  1. Learn to Stick to a Budget. Everyone is poor in beauty school— the truth is you will be poor for another year or two. So, learn to stick to a budget. Here is my advice: on Monday’s go to the ATM and take out your weekly allowance. Live with that money for the week—yes, you will pass on many things. Big red flag: Use plastic strictly for absolutely necessary items.5 Habits of Highly Effective Beauty Students
  1. Get a Part Time Job. Work jobs from home, assist in a salon or work fast food. Most beauty schools do not assign homework because students work part-time. Take 10% of whatever you make and put it in a saving account. I know, it may not be much, but it adds up and may help buy professional tools or make a rent deposit.
  1. Get Your Salon Essentials Down. These are the skills performed by assistants, and although you don’t want to assist for long, you must be a fabulous assistant in order to move into demanding client work. Know these skills well and do them in record time. See iFabulous Salon Essentials Skills:
  1. Get Going on Social Media. Begin, now building a social media fan base on Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, etc. This is how you will announce your graduation, where you will be working and keep in touch with potential clients. You want lots, lots of fans. Don’t wait until ready to graduate. Start this fan process now.

Good luck. And remember, we at iFabulous are here for you always. Got a question?

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