How to Get the Beauty Buzz

(Video) It was a long trip from the west coast to Orlando. I started my day with a 400am wake up and by the time I got to my hotel by Sea World, it was evening and I was fried.

Next day began with a sluggish start, but I have to be on. As soon as I hit the hotel lobby I felt the energy in the air. We pulled up to a decked out Orlando convention center with giant signs announcing that you are at the right place. You walk in the giant doors the excitement begins and never stops. What a buzz.

I facilitated two days of seminars, did a few long hair styles for my friends at Rocco Donna Professional, walked the floor, shopped for goodies, said hello, took pictures—my feet were giving out by three in the afternoon but I kept going. I will rest when I’m dead, I thought.

I thought I would be dead tired on Tuesday, when it was all over. Instead, I was energized, joyful and alert. I think this is the biggest benefit of attending our massive beauty events. We work in a repetitive industry that can burn us out and nothing can recharge our batteries like twenty thousand like-minded salon professionals sharing, learning and having fun. The buzz will last you for months.
Next time you find yourself dragging a little, its probably time to be recharged by attending an event, seeing others, sharing concerns and solutions. Stay alert for local and international events. See what your distributor is offering this month. Keep honing your mind.