iFabulous Salon Success & Beauty Cast Network

iFabulous Salon Success, a beauty industry job readiness training company, has formed an alliance with Beauty Cast Network (BCN) www.beautycastnetwork.com to offer a variety of unprecedented programs targeted at increasing the career success of new salon professionals. At its core, the Beauty Cast Network is a career placement tool to help students and professionals find their best role within the industry and owners to find the most qualified job candidates. Beauty Cast and iFabulous will present a collection of tools and resources designed to help beauty and wellness professionalsstudents, owners/employers, and educators target job entry skills and salon readiness preparation.

iFabulous programs will be initially offered by BCN through on-site certification workshops for school educators and students with Carlos Valenzuela & team. In addition, specialized live seminars are available for instructors and trainers via the iFabulous Educator seminars. July kicks off the iFabulous educational cycle with a series of timely webinars on cutting-edge topics like: The Five Educational Experiences (July), Ten Social Media Tips for Beauty Schools (August) and The Assistant Training Program (September)

For additional information please visit: www.beautycastnetwork.com