Job Readiness Training

This week we answer a question from a long-time educator who asks, “How is it we could recommend cosmetology career training when we cannot guarantee a graduate will even make minimum wage?”

A dead on, huge question many of us are asking louder with each passing day. As an ex-school owner, I think the fault is not 100% with the school—but the solution is. It’s the schools that have the only real solution.

Schools missed or overlooked signals from an ever-changing job market and continue to prepare students for a market that existed twenty or more years ago. Rental salons grew by more than eighty percent in the last few years. Few schools are preparing students for job placement in this new mixed new market.
Here are a few steps I suggest in iFabulous Salon Success online program for you to consider.

  1. Embrace technology- your students must be able to learn 24/7 when they are ready to learn. Today’s salon professional manages business one-hundred percent from their smart phone. Students don’t have a clue about this and they would take to this quickly.
  2. Make friends with the salons. I considered salons my boss when I had my school. I would hang, network and be available to them always.
  3. Go visit salons and see what it is a new hire does the first week they arrive. Ask why some of your graduates are no longer working there?
  4. With the information you pick up from salons, create a curriculum, classroom, seminars, reviews (or get iFabulous Salon Success) that ensure a smooth transition into the salon.
  5. Teach Salon Social Media as a method of finding and maintaining clients. This skill will assist any student in a rental, chain or commission salon situation. There are so many reasons, including the survival of your school, to implement this step.

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