Say YES to Assisting

(Video) You didn’t go to school for a year and pay a bunch of money to become an assistant. Wasn’t the original idea to be a salon professional? Your answer to this comes from an ancient riddle, “Would you rather be the head of a mouse or the tail of a lion?” Would you prefer playing a minor part in something great and powerful, or a major part in something small and insignificant?

Since you are still learning, and this learning is by example, and if you want to be a salon professional with great creativity and get top dollar—you should become the very best tail of a lion.

Your environment determines the brand of professional you become. If you think of it, everything you know now comes from others—even a DVD.

say YES to assisting hairdresserSo, now, how is training with a successful professional beneath you? The luckiest thing that could happen to you as a new salon professional, aside from winning millions in the lottery, is to assist a successful salon professional. This is my wish for you, without a doubt. Your first year in the salon will determine the type of hairdresser you will become. So, choose wisely.

Here is a rock solid prediction: if your assisting effort leaves much to be desired, you will hobble along and, more than likely, join the countless beauty school graduates who leave the beauty industry within their first year in the salon. However, if you work to become a good assistant, you can’t help but be a good professional, and if you’re an excellent assistant…. yes.

So, make up your mind today to surrender fully to the tasks of assisting a great salon professional. Set an alarm on your smartphone for one year from today. When the alarm goes off, if you have been working for a great stylist, you will be well on your way to a most incredible career.
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