People Are Saying


Carlos' impact....powerful, deep, and long lasting.

As an owner/stylist for the better part of 35plus years, I have been a consultant for iFabulous since its inception and witnessed Carlos deliver it to students multiple times. I can tell you the impact Carlos has had on schools and students is powerful, deep and long lasting. If you can get him into your school, do so!

-Rick Ramirez, Owner/Stylist 977Hair

iFabulous has had a dramatic impact...

iFabulous has had a dramatic impact on our students and school. It has generated a great deal of excitement and most importantly it has produced results. Students are able to produce more customer impact as well as giving them a foundation for the real salon world.

-Jim Butenschoen, President Career Academy of Hair Design

iFabulous is going great!

iFabulous is going great! The instructors are incorporating your lesson plans on a regular basis.  It has proved to be a great addition to our curriculum. Holly and I have altered our curriculum so that the students receive hands-on work from the first day of class.  Almost all of the students have created a business page and we have been holding contests with them for the highest number of likes on their page. I cannot thank you enough for visiting our campuses and introducing I-Fabulous to our students and instructors.

-Krissy Reilly, Ridley-Lowell Binghamton Cosmetology School

Bringing technology into the classroom has awakened a passion...

We have used the iFabulous program over the past year and have found that in using it the students have refined their skills. The biggest and most exciting change in our schools' dynamics is the use of social media. Thank you Carlos and Jeff! Bringing technology into the classroom has awakened a passion within our students and staff that was missing before.

-Marcia Livesay,  Vocational Director Career Academy of Hair Design

iFabulous Salon Success gets students thinking like stylists

iFabulous salon success gets students thinking like stylists BEFORE they graduate from beauty school.  I wish all of my employees had had the opportunity to experience iFabulous

-Aaron Hatch, Educator, Stylist, and Partner at Oona's Salon

LISTEN TO CARLOS...he knows!!

Hey Carlos Valenzuela!! Congratulations on your iFabulous video series and initiative for the schools. It is outstanding and a win/win/win all around. It's got it all ... a fresh perspective, an action plan and a wonderful outcome for those students/teachers/school owners who refuse to settle for the status quo. There is only good here. LISTEN TO CARLOS ...he knows!!

-Jody Byrne, President of Trends & Sources International